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Mcvities Biscuits

McVities is a snack food brand owned by United Biscuits. The name derives from the original Scottish biscuit maker, McVitie & Price, Ltd., established in 1830 on Rose Street in Edinburgh, Scotland.
McVitie & Price's first major biscuit was the McVities Digestive, the first ever digestive biscuit, created by young new employee Alexander Grant in 1892. The biscuit was given its name because it was thought that its high baking soda content served as an aid to food digestion.
The McVitiess Chocolate Homewheat Digestive was created in 1925. Over 71 million packets of McVitie's Chocolate Homewheat Digestives are eaten in the United Kingdom each year, giving an average of 52 biscuits per second.

Mcvities has large range of products that includes:
- Digestive
- Ginger Nuts
- Hob Nob
- Rich Tea
- All Butter Short Bread
- Chocolate Biscuits